Dec 2, 2009

Out-U-Go Inc., a pet care business, announced plans to expand and has opened its newest
location in Downer’s Grove, Ill.
The Chicago-based company has added three new Chicago-area locations in the last four
months. Out-U-Go’s newest location serves the Chicagoland neighborhoods of Lombard,
Oakbrook Terrace, Oak Brook, Westmont, Clarendon Hills, Hinsdale, Warren Springs, LaGrange,
LaGrange Park, Brookfield, Westchester, Broadview, Elmhurst and Villa Park.
The newest franchisees, Michele DiMaso and Kim Wade will manage the Downers Grove location
and will be very involved in the local community.
“As a former real estate agent I started out with Out-U-Go as a pet sitter after the slowdown in
the housing market. I’ve seen firsthand the high-quality care Out-U-Go provides to pets and
parents. I can’t wait to introduce Out-U-Go to our new Downers Grove neighbors,” Michele
DiMaso said in a company release.
Out-U-Go provides pet sitting and pet walking services through a staff of full-time, professionally
trained workers.
Out-U-Go’s President David Lipschultz gave DailyVista more details on the company’s continued
growth plans for the near term.
According to Lipschultz, this newest location is part of a larger growth plan for Out-U-Go, and the
company plans to continue expanding.
“We’re eventually looking toward full national growth. We’re in Denver now, so to continue
expanding nationally, we’ll look to grow over the next three to four months with three to four
locations in the Chicago area,” Lipschultz said.
After that, he said that the company will have full coverage in the Chicagoland area and will then
will expand nationally, beginning in the Midwest. Ultimately, Out-U-Go hopes to have 100
locations across the country, Lipschultz said.
When choosing a locale for the next Out-U-Go franchise, Lipschultz said that the company looks
for cities with a young, urban clientele but also takes into considerations cities in the Midwest
that are relatively close but will allow the company to capitalize on growth.
“Minneapolis, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Columbus, Ohio and Indianapolis are the next tier of where
we’ll look to expand,” he said.
In addition to new locations, Lipschultz said that Out-U-Go wants to establish itself as the
premiere service nationally, as a one-stop-shop for all dog and cat needs.
“Whether it’s a need for walks or vacation care or help with puppy issues, things like supplies and
training, what we’ll do is continue to build on the services we already offer and build relationships
with other businesses that allow us to expand on our menu of services as we continue to grow,”
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he said.
Lipschultz said that Out-U-Go’s marketing efforts are very grassroots and community-oriented,
especially since the company operates on a very local level.
“Our growth and marketing is about working with the local community and we do that with a lot
of local organizations, be it local pet shelters or rescues or nonprofit organizations that have
creative programs working with dogs,” he said. “Working within the community allows us to grow
locally, and we do work with a lot of local businesses, both in the pet industry as well as
Lipshultz said that one of the challenges that the company will be addressing is in line with the
high expectations Out-U-Go has for its franchisees.
“It’s not about funding, we look for so much more and really it’s about finding good people who
see the world like we do,” he said. “It sort of puts us on the path of building a franchise system
that is on a less than traditional path.”

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